LLP «Plast Invest Production» produces and comprehensive supply pipes of high-density polyethylene high density (HDPE), grade PE100 . For pipes used the best raw materials from major foreign manufacturers. Allowable working pressure of 25 atmospheres, at a water temperature of 20 °. The diameters of the pipes - from 20 to 630 mm . Guaranteed service life - 50 years. The quality of all products is confirmed by laboratory testing , and the client's request , a certificate of conformity .

All products meet international standards ISO, introduced in Kazakhstan by registration .

  • ISO 4427 (GOST 18599-2001 ) - PE pipe for water supply ;
  • - ISO 4437 ( GOST 50838 ) - PE pipe for gas supply ;
  • - ISO 8772 (GOST 22689.0-89 ) - PE pipe for underground drainage and sewerage systems
  • - PT 649-1907 - LLP -01- 2011 - Casing

    Main applications of our products :

  • - Pipelines for medium and low pressure (maximum working pressure of 10 atm .)
  • - Cold-water systems , including drinking water (maximum pressure 16 atm .)
  • - System pressure and gravity sewer
  • - Drainage systems
  • - Industrial pipelines for the transport of chemically aggressive products
  • - Amelioration and Irrigation Systems
  • - Irrigation systems and drip irrigation
  • - Factory process piping
  • - Pipelines for transport of sludge and other liquids abrozivosoderzhaschih
  • - Temporary or bypass piping
  • - dewatering systems

    Basic properties of polyethylene pipes

    High strength and stiffness allows pipes to withstand the internal pressure to 16 atm . and external primers load

    Chemical Resistance aggressive soils and chemicals

    High performance in harsh environments (-45 C to 40 C)Thanks

    Lower modulus of elasticity of the material decreases the maximum value of the dynamic pressure during water hammer permissible 1.5 - 2 times mentarily working pressuresExcluded

    Chemical and biological formations on the inner surface of the pipe during the lifetime

    No need external isolation pipeline corrosion and electrochemical protection arrangement

    Using Electrofusion fittings facilitates installation work in cramped conditionsReduced

    Gidropoter the application of PE pipe unlike pipes classic materials reduces operating costs and increases the capacity of the pipeline

    Minimum probability of pipeline destruction freezing transported product

    Density PE more than 8 times lower than the density of steel

    Strength welds of pipes and fittings are greater than the strength of the pipes themselves

    Supply coils for pipe diameters up to 110 mm inclusive

    Properties such as flexibility , rigidity, light weight and high impact strength for easy installation , lower costs , allow the development of more narrow trenches for laying and reduce the number of expensive fittings