Masterbatch - additives (masterbatches) Masterbatches for polymers (Masterbatch) of korean production is used as an easy and economical way to incorporate special additives in plastic products, which facilitate the production process or give different properties to the finished products. They contain modifiers or their combinations thereof, in proportions appropriate to the requested formulation, additives and finished product properties. They have excellent dispersion corresponding to polymeric base. Besides pure masterbatch additives, use of so-called multi-functional masterbatches for polymers is possible. This combination of dyes and additives have the advantage that, during the hue control, subject to prescribed dosage, there is an assurance that the additive contains the required amount of dye.

APPLICATION.  Used for introduction as coloring additive in polymer compositions based on LPP, HPP and polypropylene, in the production of films, bags, filaments, profiles, pipes, molded articles.