Fusion of polyethylene pipes is performed by highly skilled specialists of the company on imported professional welding equipment. We provide the full range of services on designing and mounting of gas and water supply systems, drainage, rainwater polyethylene drainage, dwelling house & private sector gasification. Regular construction and maintenance crew perform building of pipe lines for many large-scale enterprises in different parts of the republic.

  • Fusion of water supply and fecal drainage system for Shielinsky region Taikonur settlement.
  • Fusion and mounting of water supply system for «PMK-7K», LLP in Amangeldy settlement, Zhambyl district, Almaty region
  • Mounting of pressurized faecal drainage diameter 630mm for MunaiKurylys LLP, Kyzylorda
  • Welding works for Varvarinskoe JSC, technological pipeline for transportation of pulp diameter 450mm, Kostanay region, Taranov district, Varvarinka settlement
  • Mounting of urban water supply system for Aliance Group company, Kurmangazy street and Aerodromny street, Almaty
  • Fusion and mounting of drinking water supply for Emmanuil, LLP, Almaty
  • Mounting of water supply system for Zhaas, LLP, Almaty
  • Mounting of urban water supply system for Dandala, LLP, Momyshuly street, Almaty
  • Mounting of fire extiguishing system for «PSB», LLP, «House of Ministries», Astana
  • Technical water supply for RG Brands, JSC, Almaty, Raiymbek av.115
  • Mounting of water supply system for tourist center Oasis in Kapchagai for DEU-Autobase
  • Water supply system for MAG-Group, Kurmangazy str.- Mukanova str.
  • Fusion and mounting of water supply system for «The plant of dry-cleaning and coloring of clothes», LLP, Almaty, Ryskulov str., 68A
  • Mounting of technical pipeline for transportation of pulp for «Semeycement», JSC, Semipalatinsk
  • Mounting of water supply system for Alataustroy-T, LLP (Almaty-Kus, JSC), object – Chapayevskaya Poultry Plant and others. 

Today the company has a number of repair and construction crews, consisting of experienced and highly qualified specialists who receive regular recertification.The latest high-tech equipment necessary to perform all kinds of work on the construction of pipelines and piping is at their disposal. If you want to save building pipelines and don’t have problems with their operation, if you have worn out engineering communications then the team of qualified specialists:

  • help to mount pipelines;
  • choose appropriate technology of mounting pipelines;
  • evaluate the cost and duration of works;
  • provide designing;

Our specialists will consult you on building polyethylene pipelines, mounting pipes and reconstruction of worn out communications.



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